We are Pareto PPC

Our mission: propel our partners’ digital advertising programs to new heights.

Our Services

Strategy & Execution

Sparked by efficient onboarding, fueled by strategic processes and driven with advanced analytics, our digital advertising services deliver exceptional results. These managed services include (but aren’t limited to) paid search, shopping, paid social, display, programmatic, and product feed management. 

Reporting & Insights

Transforming your data into informed action is no easy task – we’re up for the challenge. From building data collection frameworks to extracting, cleansing, modeling and visualizing your data, we’ll take your 0s & 1s and turn them into do’s & dont’s.

Projects with a Process

Our process-driven business projects come with a successful track record of moving the needle quickly. With predefined inputs and templated outputs, these deliverables provide actionable insights that matter. No busy work, no empty promises. Just fast delivery and results.

Our Value


Finding top talent is hard. Our team is  comprised of seasoned business executives that have successfully led digital advertising programs for an array of medium to large-sized brands.


Our competitive pricing stems from well-engineered retainers, projects, and SOWs focused on eliminating busy work and make-work tasks. We're confident we can complete projects and deliver results within deadline and budget.


All engagements start with a 90-day trial period, enabling us to build solutions fit for your business. From there, all work is done on a month-to-month basis. No rigid long-term contracts.


From utilizing databases for data collection to implementing Google Ads scripts for automated ad account maintenance, we leverage the best technology to deliver fast insights and results.


Every engagement is prefaced with a clear pricing model, scope of hours, upfront data/input requirements and wireframed outputs. We do our best to eliminate surprises.


While we prefer long-term partnerships, we realize that businesses' needs are ever-changing. No matter the engagement length, our solutions will continuously produce results and stand the test of time.

Who We Are

Pareto PPC is a Philadelphia-based boutique consultancy specializing in digital strategy, paid media optimization, and analytics. Founded by ex-agency leaders, we offer cost-effective solutions to businesses that are tired of the high price tags, missed deadlines, cookie-cutter tactics, and smoke-and-mirrors reporting that come with most digital marketing agencies. 

Let’s Talk Shop!

Looking for a new partner? Need help with a specific project? Or just have some digital marketing questions? If you answered yes to any of these, contact us today for a free consultation call. We strive to add value with all our colleagues in the digital advertising industry, minus the hard sell. And even if we don’t opt to work together, we’re happy to recommend other potential partners that would be a better fit for your business’ needs.

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