Projects with a Process

Project-based work (outside of our standard retainers) that move the needle fast!

Pay Per Click Insights


Digital Ad Account Campaign Creation & Restructure

Total Addressable Market Research

Search Term Analysis & Optimization

Custom Digital Ad Account Configurations

Custom Google Ads Script Implementation

Product Feed Analysis & Optimization

Marketing Analytics 

Media Mix Modeling

Lead Scoring

Segmentation Analysis

Recency Frequency Monetary Analysis

Closed-Loop Attribution Modeling

Customer Journey Modeling (Media Touch Points)

Website Analytics


Website Analytics Audits, Set-Up & Configuration

Tag Management Strategy & Implementation

Event Pipelining, Collection Strategy & Implementation

GAP Bigquery Extended Table Schema for Reporting

Conversion Rate Optimization

A/B Landing Page Testing

Website Health Audit & Reporting

Survival/Retention Rate Analysis

Customer Journey Modeling (Click Stream)

Business Intelligence (BI) Analytics and Insights


Strategy of Data Collection & Execution / Platform Roadmap

Schema Strategy, ETL Data Modleing, Data Warehousing

Data Compliance, Maintenance, Governance

Data Re-Engineering

Dataset Exploratory Analysis

Data Process Automation

Lead/Lag KPI Strategy & Measurement (Offline/Online)

Reporting/Dashboarding/Data Vizualization

Forecasting Models (Supervised & Unsupervised)

Customer Lifetime Value, Margin, Acquisition Cost, Re-Acquisition Cost, Duration

Market Basket Modeling, Next Purchase Modeling, Product Recommendation Algorithms

Custom Algorithm Development, Statistics/Data Science

Traditional Business Intelligence


Financial Analytics Config, Reporting, Automation

Business Intelligence Config, Reporting, Automation

Operations Reporting, Automation

P&L Framework Tailored To Business Model

Overhead/Unattributed Cost Allocation Rules

Data Engineering & Development 

Custom Python Scripts

Custom R Scripts

Custom SQL scripts

Custom AdWord Scripts

Custom Julia Scripts

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