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Misha Nonoo Sees Significant ROAS Increase

Client Background

As a modern-day innovator of ready-to-wear fashion, sustainability and the direct-to-consumer model, and an embracer of all things digital, it was important that Misha Nonoo have a refined and cost-efficient digital advertising strategy to ensure that the most relevant audiences were consistently reached with the right message – all at a viable return on ad spend (ROAS). Within weeks of working with Pareto PPC, Misha Nonoo was able to implement such a multi-faceted strategy that leveraged refined demographic targeting, an advanced Google Shopping campaign structure and a bidding policy on resellers that ultimately led to a significant and sustainable boost in sales at a lower cost per acquisition.

Our Approach

Refined Demographic Targeting

The Pareto PPC team conducted an in-depth analysis of Misha Nonoo’s target audience and identified that a considerable portion of the overall budget had been spent on irrelevant audiences, including males, lower-income segments and geographic markets that accounted for little to no sales. Consequently, we were able to create new campaigns that focused exclusively on females, more affluent audience segments and markets where we were confident that the brand’s target customers lived in.

Advanced Shopping Campaign Structure‍

Similarly, our team identified that much of the Google Shopping budget was being over-allocated to non-brand searches vs. brand searches, and that a minority of products were accounting for the majority of the revenue. Based on these findings, we deployed an advanced shopping campaign structure that segmented campaigns based on search type (brand vs. non-brand) and top-performing products vs. all other products. This structure enabled us to prioritize budget on searches and products that were leading to the highest ROAS.

Reseller Bid Policy

‍Misha Nonoo was also experiencing competition from their resell partners, such as Amazon, Shopbop and Asos. More specifically, these resellers were bidding on Misha Nonoo’s brand keywords,causing a spike in their brand CPCs, a decrease in branded traffic, and a diminished bottom line. After identifying this trend in Google Ads’ auction insights reporting, the Pareto PPC & Misha Nonoo teams developed a reseller bidding policy that barred these resellers from bidding on select brand terms and put limits on their maximum bids. Upon implementing this policy, Misha Nonoo experienced a significant decrease in brand CPC and increase in ROAS.

The Results

Cost Decrease
- 0 %
Conversion Rate Increase
+ 0 %
Order Increase
+ 0 %
Increased ROAS
+ 0 %

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