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Red Raider Outfitter’s Massive PPC Revenue Growth

Client Background

Founded in 1975, Red Raider Outfitter has long been a staple on Texas Tech University’s campus in Lubbock, TX. RRO has thrived over the years by providing exceptional Texas Tech-themed products, unparalleled customer service, and a fun shopping experience for all. However, despite a strong run of success at their on-campus stores over the years, they were struggling to translate that success to the online landscape.

In late 2021, RRO’s marketing and merchandising team reached out to Pareto PPC, and enlisted us in building a strong digital advertising strategy capable of reaching both RRO’s profitability goals, and its long term growth goals. Pareto went to work strategically analyzing and reorganizing RRO’s long- and short-term advertising game plan, which included focusing a limited PPC budget on bid automation tactics, consolidating a granular campaign structure into larger, goal-oriented campaigns, and using data analytics in geo location targeting. In the 6 months since Pareto PPC made these structural changes, RRO’s digital advertising revenue and return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) have increased 70% and 27% respectively.

Our Approach

Campaign Restructure & Consolidation

During the first month of our partnership, Pareto worked with RRO to consolidate a previously-granular campaign structure that focused on specific high-level goals. These goals included hitting RRO’s ROAS target for maximum profitability, and growing overall traffic to RRO’s website to build their audience pool and brand recognition. By prioritizing high-level aims, Pareto PPC was able to build a campaign structure that reached RRO’s ROAS target and growth objectives within the first two weeks of launch.

Bid Automation for a Smaller PPC Budget

As RRO was still building its online presence, its PPC budget was still limited in both scope and scale. In conjunction with campaign consolidation, Pareto PPC utilized bid automation tactics to “aim” RRO’s ad spend at the right traffic. By using strategies such as Target ROAS and Target Impression Share, we were able to allocate spend towards the highest-converting products, keywords, which created an extremely efficient account overall.

Data-Driven Geo Location Targeting

One of the most impactful data discoveries Pareto PPC made during our initial audit of RRO’s account is that nearly 90% of RRO’s total revenue came from the state of Texas. Despite this crucial data point, RRO’s initial account structure wasn’t capitalizing on this, and didn’t have a significant amount of spend allocated in TX to take advantage of this trend. We built this data into our initial campaign structure and saw immediate positive results. By maximizing Texas’ revenue potential, Pareto has been able to scale RRO’s ad account while simultaneously focusing on building its brand outside the Lone Star State.

The Results

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