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5 Top eCommerce Growth Strategies for 2022

Pareto PPC

May 31, 2022

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The last few years have brought magnanimous growth for eCommerce businesses as much of the world shifted to online shopping during the course of the pandemic. After March 2020, nearly 150 million people began to shop online rather than in person. While in some ways things are returning to normal as lockdowns and restrictions are lifted, there are no signs of eCommerce slowing down any time soon.


So how do you leverage the changing times to expand your business in the coming year? Here are the top five eCommerce growth strategies for 2022. 


Optimize Your Site


One of the top eCommerce growth strategies is optimizing your website. Ideally, your site should be as responsive as possible to ensure your customer has a great experience regardless of whether they are visiting from a phone, computer, or tablet. The site should adapt accordingly and display content in the right way.


If you operate a brick-and-mortar location in addition to your online shop, make sure you can track all purchases efficiently across both channels. Optimize your site so that it will organize transactions regardless of where they occurred. 


Personalize the User Experience


Many brands are adopting personalization as a practice, and most eCommerce businesses will do the same in 2022 to enhance the customer shopping experience and strengthen brand loyalty. In addition, options for personalization make your customers more likely to share their data which can help bolster your eCommerce PPC.


Today’s consumers expect online to be fast and convenient, and the more seamless your user experience is, the more conversions you’ll get. Try to improve your checkout experience so it is quick and pleasant. Also consider adding augmented reality to make online shopping easier or livestream shopping events with real-time chats with sales reps and stylists. 


Evaluate Your eCommerce PPC Management


A sure way to grow your business is to take a look at your eCommerce PPC management to ensure you’re following all best practices to get the most out of your campaigns. eCommerce PPC is essential to help drive traffic to your site and target your ads to reach the audience with the most potential to convert to customers.


Make sure your eCommerce PPC campaign is running with the correct keywords and run dynamic targeted campaigns. Optimizing your site and your ad copy will also help improve your click-through rate, which means more people will continue through your sales funnel. 


Expand to New Marketplaces


If you want access to new online audiences to drive more sales, you need to expand to new online marketplaces. Relying on one marketplace too heavily is a risk. If something should go wrong in the service center, your sales could drop drastically. Diversify your marketplaces to nice or service marketplaces to spread out the risk. 


Incorporate Automation


If you’ve run an eCommerce PPC campaign, you know what automation can do to streamline your operations. Time is something everyone needs more of, and marketing automation can help you get it. Any tasks that you can automate will free up your staff for more important tasks. 


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