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The Fundamentals: Advertising on Google 101 in 2020

Pareto PPC

April 20, 2020

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If you want to generate immediate and incremental leads, sales, phone calls, etc. for your business, one of the best choices you can make is to advertise with Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords).

Why? Because unlike other marketing channels, Google Ads enables brands to target hyper-relevant audiences that are actively looking for products and services that correspond with their offerings.

For example, if your business sells running shoes, the odds of you converting audiences actively searching for “mens running shoes” or “best running shoes for men” is vastly greater compared to say people driving by your billboards everyday.

For this reason, many brands today are continuing to see a greater proportion of their marketing budgets go to Google Ads and other comparable platforms (such as Microsoft Ads).

Using GoogleAds Effectively: Our 10-Step Checklist

So where do you start if you’re looking to begin advertising on Google? At ParetoPPC, we realize Google Ads can be a daunting platform for businesses with little to no familiarity with the platform. That said, we put together this step-by-step checklist for starting your first campaign!‍

1. Define Your Goals – Do you want to increase inbound leads, brand awareness, or sales?

2. Determine Your Audience – What groups are you targeting? Who can you reach online?

3. Understand Keywords  – What search terms will best fit your target audience? What will bring people to your page?

4. Choose Your Budget – How much will you be spending on this campaign?

5. Set Your  Bids – How much will it cost you per click to run your ad?

6. Build Your Campaign – How long will it run for and where? What will reach your target?

7. Write Copy For Your Ads – What will convince people to click your ad? What is the focus of your message?

8. Determine Landing Pages – What part of your site will your ad direct to? What page makes most sense for capturing your audience?

9. Conversion Tracking – Are people coming to your site? Are you reaching your goals?

10. Measurement – What does “success” look like for your campaign and how will you measure that success?

Why Ad +Landing Quality & Bidding Matters

Google’s platform relies on two main factors to rank where your ad places on a list of search suggestions. The first is Quality.The second is Bid.

Quality is determined by the relevance of the search term to your website, landing pages, and selected keywords. A site rich with relevant content and landing pages containing the selected keyword will score highly in Google’s ranking.

Bid is determined by popularity of search terms, as more popular terms will have greater demand and competition. Google will automatically adjust your bids based on the popularity of the keyword. However, Google wants its search engine to show the best and most relevant content, so there is an advantage given to sites with relevant content and high keyword usage. This means your site may rank higher than a competitor if your site has a higher quality score, even if your bid is lower!

Here is a video Google put out to introduce users to its Ads platform!


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