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Boost Sales With 10 Simple PPC Optimization Tips

Pareto PPC

June 26, 2022

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be one of the best ways to generate more leads, boost your sales, and PPC optimization can take those efforts to the next level. Since a PPC campaign is built around targeted keywords, you’re getting more quality traffic to your site with less risk of getting the wrong leads. All of this, in turn, helps improve your conversion rates over time.


With the immediacy of paid ads, you can start to see results faster than you would with other marketing strategies. While you need inbound marketing like SEO to build organic traffic to your site to keep your costs down, using PPC campaigns in conjunction with other strategies can give you a sales boost that ultimately pays for the cost of the ads.


If you’re interested in creating a high-converting PPC campaign, check out our top ten tips for ad optimization to drive conversions and boost sales. 


Improve Your Website Performance


The second of our ad campaign optimization tips is to make sure your website is performing to its fullest capabilities. The goal of your campaign is to drive traffic to your website, so you want to make sure it loads quickly. Users are likely to abandon sites that take more than two seconds to load. You can use tools like Google’s Pagespeed Insights, GTmetrix or Pingdom tools to test how fast your website loads. 


Make Your Website Secure and Accessible


For your website to be engaging to visitors, it must be accessible, meaning easy to use and browse. Using the right fonts, paragraph structure, and using different content formats can go a long way in making a website user-friendly. In addition to accessibility, you need to consider website security for PPC optimization. Choose https rather than http. Google and other search engines penalize unsecure websites, which could hurt your campaign performance or instill distrust in your visitors. 


Create Local Landing Pages


Our next PPC optimization tip is helpful if your business operates within a certain vicinity. You can create a localized landing page to draw traffic from the right people at the right time and place. If you have several locations, create a landing page for each location to create a personal and relevant experience for each visitor. A reliable website builder can help you do this by simply duplicating pages and optimizing the copy for each location.


Try Ad Extensions


Ad campaign optimization can be simple with ad extensions, which are a free add-on you can take advantage of. Some of the best PPC optimization ad extensions are sitelink, callout, and review extensions. These are helpful to let users know what your site is about, what others think about you, and what they can find on your site. You can also use extensions that allow users to directly contact your business. 


Create a Remarketing Strategy


Remarketing, or retargeting, is a process by which site visitors are tracked and sent relevant ads in other sites or platforms and social media, and it is helpful to use for PPC optimization. This can help convert leads into sales, especially for abandoned carts or if you weren’t able to previously capture contact information. 


Perform A/B Testing on Everything


An ad optimization tip to never forget is to A/B test all campaigns. There are a lot of factors that affect a user’s likelihood to click on an ad or make a purchase, so you should test each element to find the combination that gets the most conversions. You may find things like different designs or landing page headlines work better. You can A/B test from Google Ads under the Experiments tab. 


Create a Sense of FOMO


The fear of missing out is often a motivator to drive more sales. Adding an element of urgency is one of the best ad campaign optimization tips. Draw people in with phrases like “sale ends in 24 hours” or “limited spots remaining” to elicit a feeling of FOMO in customers. 


Improve Your Copywriting Skills


The next of our PPC optimization tips is to focus on writing top-notch copy. Since your ads will appear as search engine results, the text is the focus as there is not a lot of opportunity to showcase photos or videos. The best way to get good ROI is working with PPC management services who have experienced copywriters who know how to write for your ideal audience.


Focus on Channels that Deliver Conversions


Once you’re into your PPC campaign, you’ll be able to tell which channels are driving the most conversions. It is common to spread out campaign budgets to multiple platforms and channels. It may take some time to figure out, but eventually you can push more budget to better performing channels to increase conversions and maximize ROI.


Keep Your Keyword List Updated


Your first PPC campaign likely has several keywords to cover, but since you pay per keyword, you want to remove keywords that aren’t performing well. Use the budget you’ll save on underperforming keywords to either try new keywords or increase your budget on those performing well.


Another ad campaign optimization tip is to be sure to add negative keywords. Negative keywords are the words you don’t want to rank for. You can also test out using local keywords to tap into highly targeted traffic from people in your geographic area.


Want to Learn More? Ask Pareto PPC.


Optimization is easy with the right PPC management services. If you want an experienced partner with all the must-know tips and tools that guarantee success, you want Pareto PPC. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

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