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How To Choose The Right PPC Agency For Your Business

Pareto PPC

July 12, 2022

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There is no doubt about it – PPC works. In 2021, advertisers spent over $144 billion on search advertising all over the world, and that number continues to grow year after year. If you know what you’re doing, PPC is a great away to get fast results with social media and paid search advertising. The best way to get quick success is by working with an experienced PPC agency to help guide your efforts.


In this blog, we’ll tell you questions to ask PPC agency candidates, what makes a great PPC agency, and how to find the best agency to work with. 


Before the Search – Know Your Goals


You could use PPC campaigns for many reasons, so it is important to understand what you’re trying to achieve before you begin your search for the right PPC agency. Otherwise, it can be difficult to make informed decisions on what to do with your ads. Before you begin looking for a firm to help you, take the time to set clear goals and expectations so it is easier to communicate what you’re looking for.


There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to what your goals should be. You could be looking to add more leads to your sales funnel, sell more of a specific product, increase traffic to a landing page, or any combination of these and more. Also, it is helpful to know ahead of time what level of participation you want from an agency. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. 


5 Things That Make a Great PPC Agency to Work With


When your goals and expectations are set and you’re ready to start your search, there are some characteristics to look for that will land you a great PPC agency. Here are some things to look for to make sure you have a great experience. 

They Value Data, Analytics, and Results


One of the most beneficial things about PPC is that you can directly tie generated revenue to ad spend. The data and analytics that you gather during a campaign can help drive success in the next. The best PPC agencies have an appreciation for how to make data-driven decisions to improve your ROI.


Helpful questions to ask PPC agency candidates include what tools they use to measure PPC metrics, if you have independent access to the analytics and reporting, and what their reporting solution has to offer.


First-Party Data Sources and Strategic Partnerships


As privacy practices evolve, first-party data is becoming more and more important. The more you run PPC campaigns, you’ll gather more first-party data about your audience and how they behave. However, you can get a head start with a PPC agency that has its own database of first-party data. This information can help predict how your audience might behave based on similar industries and past clients’ performance.


Additionally, great agencies often partner with leading search and social media platforms to get in-depth insights other agencies don’t have. Through these partnerships, these agencies are the first to know about new changes and updates, which puts them ahead of the game when things change. 


Local Search Experts


Another one of the important questions to ask PPC agency candidates is if they are local search experts. Over 80% of smartphone users are looking for search engine results near them, and subsequently 76% of those users end up making an in-store visit that same day. If you’re looking to increase foot traffic to your physical location, you need an agency with expertise in both paid and organic local search. 


Mobile Optimization-Focused


Mobile users make up more than half of the clicks on search ads, so gone are the days when ads should be designed for desktop first. To be as successful as possible, PPC ads should be easily accessible on devices of all sizes. With ever-evolving search and social algorithms, mobile optimization can get tricky, so it is important to hire an agency that knows how to focus on mobile browsing.


Well-Versed in Digital Marketing 


PPC is just one small piece of a broader digital marketing strategy, so campaigns must be created to work cohesively with other tactics to support your greater business goals. A really great agency will understand the bigger picture and can often improve your overall digital marketing strategy because they are such good marketers. Good digital marketers will be better positioned to understand the right PPC channels for your business model and put out superior keyword research.


How to Work With a PPC Agency for Best Results


We’ve given you the questions to ask PPC agency candidates to help you find the best agency, but now let’s talk about steps you can take for the best working relationship and results. 


Set Clear Goals and Communicate Expectations


We mentioned this earlier, but this is the most important step. Always be vocal about your goals and what you expect from the partnership. Your goals are the basis of the strategic plan that will dictate your success. 


Gather and Share Data From Past Campaigns


If you have any first-party data from previous campaigns, share it with your agency. This can help improve your performance and results. 


Choose One Point of Contact


Keep communications running smoothly by maintaining one point of contact between your business and the PPC agency. This helps ensure there are no miscommunications or time wasted from too many people managing the relationship.


Accept Feedback


Your agency is the expert in PPC, so it is essential to listen to their advice and suggestions. Their ideas for improvement will only make your campaign stronger. 


Ask Questions


If you’re unsure about anything at any time, just ask. The more you learn about PPC, the more you can contribute to the process. 

How to Find the Right PPC Agency for You


You’ll have many options to choose from when it comes time to search for a PPC agency but using our tips and asking the questions can help you find the right one for you. Talk to several agencies and ask all the questions until you find the agency that meets your needs. 


Want to Learn More? Ask Pareto PPC.


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