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What’s Google Ads Express? Is It Right For Your Business?

Pareto PPC

April 20, 2020

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All businesses can receive a boost from PPC marketing, but Google Ads isn’t right for everyone, as it’s a complex and time-intensive advertising channel to manage. Appearing higher on relevant search result pages  is definitely worth your time and budget though, so when you don’t have those in excess, Google Ads Express (formerly known as AdWords Express)may be right for your business.

What’s the Difference Between Google Ads Express And Google Ads?

The key differentiator between these two tools is the amount of control/customization that that user has. For Google Ads, the user has full visibility and control of their campaigns and analytics, while under Google Ads Express, these are limited.

Google Ads provides immense levels of customization and functionality that are best left to PPC pros, while Google Ads Express allows smaller and less experienced  teams to utilize PPC tools without devoting too much time to management and optimization.

In short, Express is a ‘hands-off’ tool that allows its users to dip their toes in PPC, without being overwhelmed by features and information.

AdWords Express


●        Fast Set Up (under  30 minutes!)

●        No Time-Intensive  Keyword Research

●        No Prior Digital  Marketing/PPC/SEO Knowledge Needed

●        Only Cost Is Your Ad  budget


●        Google Controls Your  Ad Strategy

●        Lack of Data  Reporting/Analytics

●        Inefficient For  Larger Budgets

●        You Don’t Learn The  Tool

Traditional AdWords


●        Incredibly  Customizable, Allows for Specific Strategies

●        Best For Larger  Budgets With Multiple Campaigns

●        Numerous Features  and Uses

●         Increased Data/Analytics


●        Requires Consistent  Management/Tracking

●        Not A Good Fit For  Small Teams Or Budgets

●        Steep Learning Curve  Necessitates Prior Knowledge Of Tool

Is Google Ads Express For Me?

Before you make the dive into the expansive world of digital marketing, you have to ask yourself what your goals are and what your ability is to work towards them.

If you have a small team, small budget, are inexperienced with digital advertising, and/or don’t have the bandwidth to actively manage your online marketing, Express is right for you.

If you have experience in creating digital ad campaigns and have the bandwidth to actively analyze and maintain ads, Google Ads is your best bet for reaching your goals. This is also a prime chance to hire a PPC agency to build and run ad campaigns for you. These agencies will use GoogleAds and other tools to finely tune campaigns and strategies that best fit your goals, leveraging years of experience in running ads of all sizes and types,and ensuring that your business is in the best hands possible!

The world of digital marketing opens up many new opportunities for your business, let us know what you’ve done to boost your visibility online in the comments!

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